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Are you 213, 310 or 323

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Just a quick article today with a tip that may not be applicable to all of you out there, but might prove useful to some. I myself live in LA right now, but as many people here I am a transplant...

Mobile Apps for Actors

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Just a quick heads up about upcoming section in IADB video channels; We are planning on releasing review videos for acting-based mobile apps. If you would want an app reviewed before you purchase it,...

Actor Tools and Resources

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This is a collection of websites recommended by IADB. These are all hand-picked by us. If you would like to recommend a resource, feel free to email us. We will review it and if we find it to be up...

Actor Tools and Connectivity

05.22.2015benefits, tools
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benefits, tools

If you're not a web developer telling you that IADB keeps connecting to different API in order to ease the strain of data entry for the customer may sound like mumbo jumbo. But trust me when I say...

Specialized Tools

02.13.2015benefits, tools
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benefits, tools

The biggest tool that you will get with IADB is the website itself. Just think about all of the opportunities you might have missed when somebody was looking for all of the qualities you possess, but...

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