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And the raffle winners are...

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The moment you've all been waiting for. The winners of the raffle are listed below. These are the results for the random drawing for 17 raffle tickets for 17 websites. If you are the winner, please...

IADB, 2016 and the Future

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I must say, it's so incredible watching the platform grow as it does and gaining popularity among actors all over the world. Although most of our members are from USA and Canada, we have a handful of...

2 Weeks left Until it's Over

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It's not too late to enter the drawing for the 17 free actor websites. It only takes 10 seconds to enter, so if you haven't had a chance to register, do it now. You've absolutely nothing to lose and...

The Headshot List

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We have announced the development of the new resource website few weeks ago and as promised we are launching it tonight. So, ready or not, here comes your ultimate source for finding headshot...


12.02.2016actors,Actor Websites,Announcement
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actors,Actor Websites,Announcement

Today we have a special edition announcement which affects both members and non-members alike. With the start of 2017 we are giving out 17 free IADB premium memberships via a random drawing. So with...

Our Black Friday Gift to all

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I was recently inspired by a conversation I had with Lisa Gold of Act Outside the Box . If you know Lisa, then you probably have listened to some of her podcasts and if you have taken her seminars,...

Introducing the Headshot List

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In just 2 short weeks IADB will unveil our new service which will help actors find U.S.-based headshot photographers with ease. The Headshot List We've already invited some of our favorite...

Auto-populate Your Actor Website

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You may already be familiar with the Insta Nudge and how it works, but up to this point you may not have seen it in action. As of today we're enabling this feature for everyone, which means you might...

6 Steps To Optimize Your Online Presence

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This week I wanted to share my thoughts about online tips with my fellow creatives over at Karmalicity. If you have an IMDb, you can definitely check out what the site has to offer. If you don't, you...

10 Biggest Mistakes on your Actor Website

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I've been collecting the actor website sins for quite some time and I thought I'd stop on by and list out the most common mistakes you might make on your actor website. I hope this helps. If you...

Help Stop Age Discrimination

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Age discrimination is a major problem in our industry, and it must be addressed. SAG-AFTRA has been working hard for years to stop the career damage caused by the publication of performers' dates of...

Impress visitors to your actor website with reviews

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To this day I have seen upwards of 1,000 different actor websites, but it's sad to say that less than 1% of these websites contain actual reviews / testimonials section. You should take advantage of...

Why do I write sins? (not tragedies)

08.12.2016actors,websites for actors,funny,actor websites
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actors,websites for actors,funny,actor websites

I'm not sure what year this was, 2003 or 2004, but I was in college back then. I was walking down Chambers Street in New York when I saw a sign "$5 haircuts by student barbers". I thought to...

10 Questions for Your Designer

08.05.2016actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites
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actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites

I honestly wanted to start this blog post by listing all of my competition. I even created a neat little table demonstrating what they do well and where they really suck. Fortunately I was stopped in... Startup Night in LA

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Ever since interviewed me in Las Vegas late last year and nominated us for the Startup of the Year this year, we've been inseparable. What I mean by that is, they don't call us "stalkers"...

How to convert your media

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Being a techie, I get this question a lot. Many actors want to post their reels online, but they don't have their videos in the right format. Most websites accept MP4 files, some accept AVI files,...

Actor Website Tips

07.15.2016actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites
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actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites

If you don't know who I am, here's a little 411 on me. My name is Tomasz and I've been professionally developing websites since 2004. I've built websites for hundreds of real estate firms in New...

You are a Product on your Actor Website

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What some actors don't quite understand is that their acting website is a tool, but the tool needs to be used properly in order to achieve success. You can't repair your laptop with a hammer, or hang...

Actor Press Kit

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For years I was really at a loss about the whole actor's electronic press kit (EPK) advice that I constantly saw all over the web. These posts from experts have been around since 2011, maybe earlier,...

Try Any Website

06.10.2016promotion,features,iadb,websites for actors
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promotion,features,iadb,websites for actors

We always try to go above and beyond to provide functionality that you will find useful. We don't provide just websites, domains, emails and hosting - you can get that anywhere. What we do provide...

Get your Acting Reels Done

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First of all, let's start with this statement - if you don't have an acting reel, get it done . Even if you have to try it the DIY approach, get it done. Not having headshots is as bad, but your...

Hufflepuff - Harry Potter Rap Parody

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Welcome to the first and at the same time holiday edition of Member Spotlight . We've asked our members to let us know what they're up to right now or to tell us one piece of creative work they've...

I ask 'Why Not?'

05.27.2016actors,websites for actors
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actors,websites for actors

Recently I was at an event in Hollywood where I spoke with an actor, whose name I won't mention, that was very resistant to the idea of owning a website. Usually I try not to "sell" my agenda and tend...

Member Spotlight Mondays

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One of our main goals here at IADB is to help you get yourself noticed. We help you with your websites and with your social media, but sometimes even the strongest and most creative individuals could...

And the winners are...

05.04.2016actors,iadb,press release,actor websites
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actors,iadb,press release,actor websites

The time is here. We've had 127 applicants for the Face of IADB contest within the month of April. We've reviewed all applications and 116 of unique applicants had at least one credit. We randomly...


04.22.2016actors, filmmakers
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actors, filmmakers

Last week's blog post came from none other but social media guru, Heidi Dean. If you haven't visited her website yet, make sure you do. It has a ton of great advice for actors on how to market...

How to 'Get Discovered' as an Actor

04.15.2016actors, hints
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actors, hints

TRUE STORY: Last week my friend needed to hire a female singer for a concert that paid thousands of dollars. Ten women (all with Broadway credits) missed this great opportunity, not because of their...

Please & Thank You

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If you read my last week's blog you'll see that I've been researching Kickstarter and trying to figure out how it all works and how it can be done right. In doing so, I have pledged to about 40...

Get your resolutions in

12.11.2015advice,tips,websites for actors
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advice,tips,websites for actors

Many people plan on making resolutions for the new years, but before you do I'd like to give you a challenge. Instead of the usual, "I will lose weight", "I will cut down on spending", "I will do a...

Review of Websites for Actors

07.17.2015ideas,websites for actors
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ideas,websites for actors

This page is dedicated to collect information about website resources and rate it on multiple criteria. Rating criteria is as follows: Website Aesthetics - Welcome to the online world of...

6 Must-have Websites for Actors

07.03.2015advice,ideas,tips,websites for actors
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advice,ideas,tips,websites for actors

If you're an actor and you are serious about your online presence you must register for these free websites. No excuses! There is a chance that you have already registered for most (if not all) of...

Actor Websites SEO

05.15.2015ideas,websites for actors
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ideas,websites for actors

I am a lead web developer over at IADB and I build actor websites. Most of the times when I tell people that I build websites for actors, they respond with understanding and confirm that this is in...

Responsive Actor Websites

05.01.2015tutorial,websites for actors
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tutorial,websites for actors

The easiest way to explain responsive websites is with a picture and I have done just that. Take a closer look at the picture in this blog, it demonstrates "Slider Metro" website on a monitor, iPad...

Already Have an Actor Website?

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You may recognize the image for this blog from our flyer which we have been distributing since April 2014 advertising that IADB makes actor websites like no one else. We stand behind this statement...

Statistical Data

03.06.2015benefits,websites for actors
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benefits,websites for actors

You probably heard many time people talking about statistical data of a website, page analysis, user agents or other technical terms that you may not be very familiar with. No worries - we won't bore...

Your Own Contact Form

02.27.2015benefits,websites for actors
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benefits,websites for actors

What is so great about having a contact form on your website? Well, the part that others like the most is that it doesn't disclose your email address. Anybody can go to your form and send you a...

Connect with Other Users

02.20.2015benefits,websites for actors
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benefits,websites for actors

One of the features that actors with website plan have and actors with profile plan do not is the ability to communicate with other users. Whether the user is a producer for your next film, or your...

Better Actor Portfolios

02.06.2015benefits,websites for actors,tips
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benefits,websites for actors,tips

Each actor website that is offered by IADB comes with a dedicated page or section for your portfolio. Show off your skills in style. You can pick the design that suits you best and just add your...

Adding Links to Your Site

01.30.2015benefits,websites for actors,tips
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benefits,websites for actors,tips

There are many reasons why you could want to put a link to other websites on your own. For instance, your friend is a photographer and he took all of your headshots. Wouldn't it be nice to add a...

Adding Your Own Events

01.23.2015benefits,websites for actors,tips
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benefits,websites for actors,tips

This one is a no-brainer. If you are an actor, entertainer or if you are in any type of show-biz, you will most likely have some sort of events that you would want to advertise. You can let your...

Online Presence

01.09.2015benefits,websites for actors,tips
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benefits,websites for actors,tips

I always tend to compare things to other things, so let me begin with that. If having an online profile is like riding the train then owning a website is like owning a car. You can still have online...

Your Own Actor Website

12.26.2014benefits,actors,actor websites
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benefits,actors,actor websites

The main reason for signing up with for a professional website is the fact that you will then have a website all about you. Whenever I meet professionals in an acting community I ask them if...

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