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How to convert your media

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Being a techie, I get this question a lot. Many actors want to post their reels online, but they don't have their videos in the right format. Most websites accept MP4 files, some accept AVI files,...

Singapore Sling

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Welcome to the our 2nd edition of Member Spotlight . We've asked our members to let us know what they're up to right now or to tell us one piece of creative work they've done that they're proud of...

Member Spotlight Mondays

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One of our main goals here at IADB is to help you get yourself noticed. We help you with your websites and with your social media, but sometimes even the strongest and most creative individuals could...

Product Displacements

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How many times do you see in a film somebody walk up to a computer screen and open up a website that sort of looks like Google, or sort of looks like Facebook, but it's not. How about a small town...

Filmmakers Checklist

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So, you made a film, huh... What's next? Everybody seems to agree that these next 6 steps are the way to go. Do keep in mind that each film is different and you may need to try a different approach...


04.22.2016actors, filmmakers
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actors, filmmakers

Last week's blog post came from none other but social media guru, Heidi Dean. If you haven't visited her website yet, make sure you do. It has a ton of great advice for actors on how to market...

Please & Thank You

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If you read my last week's blog you'll see that I've been researching Kickstarter and trying to figure out how it all works and how it can be done right. In doing so, I have pledged to about 40...

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