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IADB Website Sitemap

IADB | Internet Actor's Database Sitemap - List of pages

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Website Sitemap:

  • Instant Actor Domain Builder

    This is IADB homepage - come here to see what services we are offering, preview some of our sample actor website, view pricing options, website template layout options and to register to begum IADB member.

  • IADB Registration

    This is IADB registration page - come here to register for one of our three plans. One offers a free actor profile on our website, while the other two offer an actor website with different payment plans.

  • IADB Membership Plans

    This is IADB membership plans page - find out more about the services and features offered by Instant Actor Domain Builder and learn about the perks that each membership package offers to all of the clients.

  • IADB Website Templates

    This is IADB samples page - use this page to browse different actor website templates that you could be using right now. Read about each template to see our recommended use and awesome perks and features.

  • IADB Blog And News

    This is IADB blog and news page - use this page to read about Instant Actor Domain Builder new features. Find out what's happening now and what's coming up next. Learn the main reasons why actor website is a must.

  • IADB Help Pages

    This is IADB help page - use this page to learn how to use Instant Actor Domain Builder control panel. There are five different sections on this page representing the five main sections of the control panel.

  • IADB Terms And Conditions

    This is IADB terms page - use this page to learn about the conditions and requirements we are asking of all Instant Actor Domain Builder members. Violating these condition knowingly will void all contracts.

  • IADB System Version

    This is IADB version page - use this page to find out more about the current version of the IADB control panel, newest features and find out when these features were added and what purpose they serve.

  • IADB Frequently Asked Questions

    This is IADB FAQ page - use this page to browse through existing database of questions and answer regarding Instant Actor Domain Builders, actor websites, actor profiles and IADB membership plans.

  • IADB Domain Names

    This is IADB domain purchase page - use this page to purchase a domain name to connect to your existing IADB actor website. This feature is available only for existing IADB members with monthly or annual plan.

  • IADB Tutorials

    This is IADB learn from videos page - use this page to learn how to use Instant Actor Domain Builder control panel by watching usage videos. All videos are also available on our vimeo channel.

IADB Weekly Friday Blog

Happy Holidays from IADB

Happy Holidays from IADB

12.23.2016 Holidays are upon us
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IADB, 2016 and the Future

IADB, 2016 and the Future

12.30.2016 Happy New Year 2017
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