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IADB | Control Panel & System Version

Below you will find current and historical versions of IADB system along with the description of what was added, modified and updated.

System Version: 4

  • Site Populator

    Website populator has been added. This feature enables you to create your website in LITERALLY under a minute. Some instances require a lot of photo imports and may take a little over a minute, but in most you can build and fully populate your website in seconds.

System Version: 3

  • Sidebar Editor

    New editor has been added to the system allowing you to make updates to your website and see the updates take place instantly. Click on the pulsing circles in your website's header to access the sidebar. If you are using a brand new computer, try logging into your administrator first at - then reload your page to see the pulsing circles.

System Version: 2.3

  • Videos

    Videos can now be updated with new images
  • Quick Links

    Quick links added to all templates
  • Banners

    22 new banners added to template 4

System Version: 2.2

  • Admin Adjustments

    We have relocated global settings to general profile page. You can now quickly access all the important settings to your website right from the first page once you log in.
  • Global Settings

    We added two options to the global settings - show details and show features. Toggling these will show and hide the main details on your profile page. After all, it's up to you what goes there.

System Version: 2.1

  • Image Upload Size

    We've quadrupled the max size for the image upload - you can now use the multi-upload tool to upload images as large as 12MB each.
  • Admin Image Section

    We've added thumbnail previews for images, so that you can have a quick peek before editing images. No more is there a need to open all images one by one to find the one you're looking for.
  • Admin Image Cropping

    Need to crop or re-crop a photo? We added a crop option directly to the image preview within the image browser. Quickly access crop functionality and make your photos appear perfectly.
  • Image Categories

    We have added categories to the photos. What this means is that you can now, if you chose to do so, organize your photos into categories. You can do the same with your videos already.
  • Website Algorithms

    Did you have problems with the short bio generated on your homepage? We have adjusted location and languages algorithms so that the bio will be restructured fluently depending on your option selections.

System Version: 2

  • Control Panel

    Entire restructure of the administrator tools.
  • Template 4

    "Bannered Flat" - is the name of the new template. If you would like to add it, you can reach out to us and we will build a custom banner for your website free of charge.

System Version: 1.9

  • Profile: New Requests

    Added new featured allowing users to request new features and report bugs and issues.

System Version: 1.8

  • Minor Fixes

    Fixed issues with websites without location and education listed
  • Resume Fixes

    Removed bugs related to training without teachers
  • Youtube Fixes

    Corrected the single video manual upload functionality
  • Image Resizing

    Added auto-resizing functionality to all images uploaded manually or via multi uploader.
  • Image Naming

    Corrected / adjusted naming functionality for files upload via multi uploader.

System Version: 1.7

  • Videos from Youtube

    You can now easily populate your videos directly from YouTube - authorize IADB to use your YouTube page and we will get the info for you.
  • Videos from Vimeo

    You can now easily populate your videos directly from Vimeo - authorize IADB to use your Vimeo page and we will get the info for you.
  • Tools: Resume

    Added 1st Resume Template - you can populate your resume by clicking on specific projects, skills, etc.
  • Projects: Backstage

    Added a link to Backstage which will automatically populate your information before sending your job research criteria. Speed up your job research tasks.
  • Home: Interests

    Select your main interests on the home page so that we know what sort of jobs you are interested in.

System Version: 1.6

  • LinkedIn Registration

    Users can now register using LinkedIn, which will speed up the website populating process. Now you get a beautiful website with even less effort.
  • SSL Certification

    We are now SSL certified, which means more secure connection. You can verify it by looking at the green lock icon by the URL in the top of the browser.
  • Content Editor

    Better editor for your bio. Highlight keywords with bold or underlined text. Center elements, add links.
  • Added Hints

    Need a hint or an idea for what needs to be done on the page? We went ahead and added some hints to give you some ideas of what can, should or shouldn\'t be added on a particular page.
  • Tasks Page

    Just because everyone likes sense of accomplishment, we have added some basic tasks for your website. If you get them all done 100%, that means that you have at least reached \"A great start\" level for your website. We will get you more tasks shortly. With some effort we will get you to the point of best possible website practices for an Actor Website.

System Version: 1.5

  • Full Screen Thumber

    Great feature for those of you with small screen. We added a full-screen thumber option. Click on the full-screen icon while thumbing the images, and you will be able to see more clearly the selection you are making for all of your thumbnails.

System Version: 1.4

  • Bug Fix: Youtube

    Fixed the issue with missing images in case when a video is added using the short embed URL.

System Version: 1.3

  • Bug Fix: Mail

    Fixed mail layout issues. All mails will now be separated, and you can reply to them using your email provider only.
  • New Skins

    We do not want to overwhelm users with too many skins to pick from, especially since it is so easy to apply your own skin. We capped the number off at 24 right now. Hope you like our suggestions, but feel free to pick your own backgrounds, gradients and colors.

System Version: 1.2

  • Bug Fix: Slideshow

    Fixed the bug on \"Slideshow Metro\" website template that did not load an image correctly if there was only one image in the slideshow. Currently you can add only one image. Navigational arrows will be removed. Also adjusted the color of the image title to light gray.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter

    Fixed positioning of the twitter plugin on the \"Tabbed Simplicity\" template responsive version. You can now view the Twitter feed on any device.
  • Bug Fix: Portfolio

    Adjusted all templates so that if there is only one type of media available, i.e.: only images or only videos or only audio, the filter menu will be removed.
  • Other Minor Fixes

    Updated search engine optimization and script loading for faster website load time and processing.

System Version: 1.1

  • Fast Skinning

    This feature is now available within the Settings page. It allows you to chose between preselected combinations of background settings and color settings. You can still use \"Website\" section to choose your own, but this allows for faster previously tested designs.
  • Fonts

    This is done as per user request - you have asked for more font options and we have listened. You can now select from various font combination demonstrated on this page. You can access this tool within the Settings page.
  • Tools -> Resume

    Added a drag and drop option for sorting functionality.
  • Skills

    Add skills quicker now. Type in the comma "," to get into the next skill.
  • Login Link

    Log into your admin control panel right from your website. The link will show up only on the computers that have accessed your control panel at some point.
  • Files -> Videos: Categories

    Add categories to videos to organize your portfolio.
  • Templates 1 through 3

    Minor visual adjustments.

System Version: 1

  • Administrator Initial Release

    We have released a control panel for all websites. From here you can update your personal information, education and training, employment and projects, events, links, awards and more. If you encounter any issues or difficulties, click the "Contact" button and let us know about it.
  • New Template: One Page Top Bar

    You can select this template by going to "Settings" -> "Website" and changing the website layout. This one is a one-page responsive template that floats all elements in separate boxes.
  • New Template: Slider Metro

    You can select this template by going to "Settings" -> "Website" and changing the website layout. This one is a responsive template tailored for iPad users, big buttons on every page along with a large image slideshow on the homepage.
  • New Template: Tabbed Simplicity

    You can select this template by going to "Settings" -> "Website" and changing the website layout. This one is a very basic and clean responsive template with homepage defaulting to "Profile" page.

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