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Here is the payout table for all 20%/10% option:

PlansOriginalClient PaysAffiliate Gets
MONTHLY$9.00$8.10$1.62 (x12)*
* Monthly payout will continue for a year as long as the member does not close his or her account.

Standard affiliate payout for all businesses is 20% with a 10% discount on services for all referrals.

Okay, how does this work? It's simple - get someone to sign up for a premium package and get a commission for each sale. Here's an example:

  • You are a non-qualifying business getting 20% / 10%
  • You will receive a special discount code and sets of links that you can send to your friends, colleagues or mailing lists
  • If somebody registers using your link or discount code, they get a 10% discount off of the full price of $99 per year (which is $9.90), paying $89.10 per year instead.
  • You get a 20% commission cut from the $89.10 which is $17.82

Few frequently asked questions:

Do I keep getting paid after the year is up?

Your commission cut is given only for the first year. If the client decides to remain with IADB, they will continue paying the annual fee at a discounted rate. Should they choose to leave the site after the 1 year period, they may do so, but they will no longer have a discount should they choose to return.

Do I get paid after each sale?

You can request a payout at any time provided that you have at least $10 of profit. If you have less than that a payout can be offered if you liquidate your affiliate account.

Can you pay me via PayPal?

Yes. We use two methods of payouts via check or PayPal. You'll be able to set this up once you register.

Can I get a discount for the website instead of getting paid via check?

Sorry, we don't have a system in place to support this.

Can I use my own affiliate code to get a website?

That's pretty slick, but we don't see why not. ;)

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