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Frequently Asked Questions

IADB | Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below you will find a list of questions that other users have sent us along with our answers to these questions. You may use the search field below to narrow the questions to match what you are looking for.

Questions & Answers:

  • How do I transfer my GoDaddy domain?

    Hi there. If you're looking at this, it probably means that you:

    1. Have a premium account with IADB, and
    2. Have previously purchased a domain name on GoDaddy

    If this is the case there are two practical options available:

    Option #1:

    We can take over the payments for your domain for you. This means that you transfer your domain to us, and we will take over the annual billing. It will still be your domain name, and if you ever decide to transfer away from IADB, we will release that domain so that you can have it back.

    The benefits of having the domain hosted with us is that there's no extra fee, you save anywhere between $15 and $40 a year and you never have to worry about remembering to make that annual payment.

    The downside of this is that if you already have email set up with that domain, you will have to recreate it, and if it is a web based email, you will no longer have access to your older messages.

    Here's a video explaining how to unlock your domain name and get the transfer authorization.

    Option #2:

    You are already authorized to a free domain name with IADB, so how about creating something new? You could point your previous domain name to the new one, and by doing so, people would be able to visit your website by going to either domain name. If you need help brainstorming some ideas for your domain name, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be glad to offer some ideas.

    Here's a video explaining how to point your existing domain name to your actor website.

    There is one more option, and although we don't recommend it, it's still an option. In this case you don't get a new domain name and you don't transfer your domain name, but you update your NS records instead. This will point your domain name to us and we will manually connect it to your website.

    The downside is that it might take a few days before you can connect it, but also there's a possibility that when we upgrade our servers in the future, this process would have to be repeated. Our last upgrade was done on April 2016, so we don't anticipate another upgrade until 2018.

    Still, if this works best for you, here's a video explaining how to update your name servers on GoDaddy.

  • Can I preview my site before I pay?

    Of course! If you currently have a free profile, log into your control panel and you'll see a link on the left to preview your site. Here you can try on different templates and a subset of our color options. If you like what you see, click on "Claim My Website" and you're on your way to online professionalism!

  • Who can benefit from an IADB personalized website?

    Well, while "Actor" in in the name, IADB's personalized websites can easily improve the web presence of Actors, Dancers, Stand-Up Comedians, Models and anyone else whose passion is the performing arts

  • Why do I need a website?

    Think about it. Nowadays, you even think about going to a movie, a dentist, or a hot dog stand, you first scour the internet looking for information. Casting Directors do the same thing! They want to see what you're all about and if you have the level of professionalism to think about properly representing yourself online. Let's face it. If you saw that your dentist office ONLY had a facebook page, you'd probably be a little hesitant about their legitimacy and skill level. Don't be a lazy dentist, do it right!

  • What if I already have my own domain?

    First off, congratulations on taking your online presence seriously. We have very easily connect you IADB website to your domain, giving you all the prestige of YourName.com but with all of the ease of IADBs control panel and templates. For more information, visit the help page about the topic.

  • I don't have a domain, but I would like one

    Again, congratulations on taking your online presence seriously. This is an even easier process. You can either buy one on your own and connect it to your IADB page, or purchase a domain through IADB. More information can be found on the help page on the topic.

  • I love the templates, but I want more!

    We hear you loud and clear! That's why we're constantly building more template options to suite your various needs. Check out our templates page to take a look at what's coming and vote for your favorite option!

  • I have more questions, how can I contact you?

    Easy! Just log into your control panel and click on the "Contact" tab on the left. Choose the category and send us your thoughts and questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • The images on my website are loading slow. Why?

    There's a possibility that you have not cropped your images in your control panel. Whenever you log into your control panel, take a look at the top three icons for notifications. There is a blue one for messages, red one for images, and green one for visitors. The red one will tell you if you have any images that need to be cropped. If you have at least one image, click on the icon, or go to "Settings" -> "Rethumb Images" to start creating faster loading thumbs.

  • How do I create thumbs?

    WHile you are in your website's control panel, click on the red icon on top to get to the "Rethumb Images" section. Once there, select one of the images either from "Available Images" section, or a "Rethumber" section. You will then see the original version of the uploaded image. Using your mouse you can click and drag the section of the image to create a thumbnail. You can expand your selection and drag it. You will also be able to see the preview on the right. Once you are done with your selection click "Create This Thumbnail" and the image will be cropped and resized properly for your specific website template.

  • Why is my "Available Images" section empty?

    "Available Images" section can be found in your "Rethumb Images" page within the settings. The purpose of it is to show all of the images that you have uploaded and not yet thumbed. If this section is empty it either means that you have not uploaded any images yet, or you have thumbed all of the images for the selected template. If you decide to change the thumbnail of an image, you can click on any of the previously thumbed images in the "Rethumber" section on the same page.

  • What is a thumb and cropping and why do I need it?

    Thumbs, also known as thumbnails, are smaller versions of your bigger images and they are very important. Cropping is a process of creating a thumbnail - you are simply creating smaller version of the image in a specific dimensions. Imagine that you upload twenty or thirty of your headshot photos in a large format. If you do not create thumbnails for them, the preview page itself will have to load those big files for visitors to see - this may take a long time. If you thumb your images, visitors to your portfolio will see a thumbnail of that image, and only when they click on it, will they see the full version of it. This is a very common practice on the internet, and the tools we provide you with allow you to decide how the thumbnail is supposed to look like, instead of a program just grabbing a random piece of your picture to be shown in your portfolio.

  • I already thumbed my images, but now it says I have to thumb them again. Why?

    It is most likely because you have changed your "Website Layout" within the "Website" page of your settings. Changing a website layout is pretty much like redesigning your entire website, which means different image sizes. This also means that the thumbnails have to be of a different size as well. For instance the layout called "Slider Metro" creates the largest possible thumbnails, because it uses these thumbnails for slideshow on the homepage, while template "One Page Top Bar" does not need such slideshow, therefore we don't need the thumbs to be this big. Thumbing images is very important for your website quality and you only have to do it once per the template of your choice.

  • I referred you to two of my friends - can I get a discount?

    Here at IADB, we pride ourselves with the lowest prices on specialized personal websites anywhere on the internet and we really do appreciate your referrals. We currently do not have referral links, but feel free to connect with "Tomasz Mieczkowski" on your "Messages" page and let him know who your referrals were. We will get you a free month for each referral that registers with IADB and stays with us for at least a month. If you have an annual plan, we will create a special discount for you for the next year.

  • I do not want my website to say how old I am. How do I do that?

    Simply leave your date of birth blank, and the website will adjust itself not to show your age anywhere. This goes for everything else as well with exception of your "Primary Email". You cannot completely remove your primary email from the system, because we need a way to communicate with you. To hide email information go to "General Settings" on your settings page.

  • I want a twitter feed on my site. Can I do that?

    Yup! We current have that option on our "tabbed simplicity" template and plan to include it on upcoming templates. Just enter your twitter page link on the "links" section of the administrator and it will populate your latest tweet right on your website! No work required.

  • I'd like to change the order of my photos, videos or audio samples. How do I do this?

    Simple. Once you're in the files section of the control panel,there will be a button in the left column that says "enable sorting." One you've clicked this, the files in questii. Will start to wiggle. Drag them in the order you'd like and that will be reflected on the website.

  • What is a private account?

    This means that your site will still be visible to visitors, but your profile will not. Neither will you show up in search results on the IADB page. Also, other IADB members will not be able to connect with you or send you private messages. However contact form on your website will still be fully functional. You can choose this option in the "Settings" section of the control panel.

  • What's the purpose of hidden skills?

    Good question. Hidden skills are those that you feel aren't necessary or relevant to have visible on your website or profile, but you'd still like a record of them. A good example would be "driver's license." There are different schools of thought about whether or not this should be listed on a resume. However, if directors search for talent and check "driver's license" as an attribute, your profile will still show up in their search, even though it is hidden. If you also do not want this to happen, remove the skill from your account.

  • What is the difference between Projects and Other Employment

    Projects are just that - projects you've worked on that directly relate to your profession as an artist. So this includes commercials, films, photo shoots, stand-up comedy, musicals, etc that you have been a part of. Other Employment includes other jobs (for most these are desk jobs) that may or not be related to your profession that you'd like to include. For instance, maybe you were a receptionist for a well-known talent agency in the past and would like to reference that relationship, even if the job had nothing to do with performing. It's completely up to you.

  • Wait, my project just auto-populated when I started to enter it...Are you guys psychic?

    While we'd love to say yes, we indeed are not psychics. The more plausible reason would be that another person who also worked on that project already populated the name and director, so when our system recognized the similarities of your entry, it listed that project/director combination as an option. If you indeed were in the production of "Taming of the Shrew" directed by Martin Scorsese, then just click on that option and basic information will auto-populate: the name, director and category of the project. You'll just have to fill in your particular title or role, the years worked (since in the case of theatre and tv, different people may have joined and left the production at different times), and an optional description field. If however, you were in Steven Spielberg's production of "Taming of the Shrew", not Scorsese's, then please create a new project with your director's name and add a category. That way, the next time someone from your cast starts to enter the project into their account, both Spielberg's and Scorsese's productions will be options for them to choose.

  • How do I add Twitter Feed to my website?

    First, make sure you are using a template that supports a twitter feed. Currently only "Tabbed Simplicity" does so. Simply add the URL to your twitter account within the "Links" section and your twitter feed will be enabled automatically. You will be able to see your recent posts on the homepage when clicking the twitter bird icon below your name.

  • I'd like to add audio to my portfolio. How do I do this?

    Easy. The addition of audio is a special feature reserved for our full website customers. If that's you, then just log into your control panel and upload your audio file under the "Files" tab.

  • I see that some actors are featured in the search. How do you choose who to feature?

    This is a special perk of being a full website account member. We take these members and rotate them fairly within their applicable search results.

  • Is there any way to see how many people have visited my website?

    We'll do you one better. Not only will full website members be able to see how many hits their site received in the last two weeks, they will also be able to see where their visitors are geographically and what site referred them to their page if applicable.

  • I just got my headshot pictures from my photographer, but they are HUGE! Is there an easy way to make them smaller to make uploading them to this and other sites easier?

    Indeed there is. Under the "Settings" tab in your control panel, you will see an option to download an external "resizer program," (one for PC and one for MAC) complete with instructions on how to use them. We've tested these programs ourselves to ensure there are no pesky trojans.

  • There are SO many social media pages out there. Which ones should I care about?

    Well, the below are just our personal opinions about which ones may be the most useful for actors and performers. As always, do what you feel is best for you! Facebook: Everyone has one. Everyone will at least glance at yours if you have one. We'd recommending either keeping your personal page free of profanities and Rave pictures, or making your personal page private and creating a Fan page. IMDb: People search this site constantly for movie information and it's always impressive to have your own page if you have the credits for it. Twitter: Like Facebook, lots of people have Twitter accounts and it's a quick and easy way to promote yourself. You can even link up your Twitter feed to certain website templates in our system. LinkedIn: Are you a professional. Get a LinkedIn page. Period. Even though the entertainment business seems to be a more social one and will most likely contact you in other ways, you should still have a pgage to make your professionalism known. And keep it up to date. YouTube or Vimeo: Try to get at least one and upload some videos of your work. YouTube is more popular but in our opinion Vimeo is a bit more polished with less ads. So feel free to get both. Then simply paste your video links into our control panel and showcase them on your portfolio! There are plenty of others that have their merits, Tumblr is good for blogs, Flickr is good for a multitude of photos, and the list goes on. Our advice, get as many as you can handle to keep up with. And if it still seems overwhelming there's a great site called IFTT.com that allows to post to multiple sites at once. And don't forget, can link all of these social media accounts easily to your IADB website via your control panel in the "Links" tab.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept payments via PayPal, where you can pay by credit card, debit card or bank account. If you choose our monthly plan then PayPal will set up a recurring charge each month automatically so you don't have to worry about it!

  • Is the content monitored in any way?

    This is a resource for professionals, so the only thing we look out for is excessive profanity and pornography. Other than that, ultimately, this is your website/profile so you can put whatever content on it you please.

  • I'm very intrigued by the upcoming scheduling and management tools. How will I know when there are changes to IADB?

    Whenever there are significant changes or added features, you will see a notification in your control panel the next time you log in. You can also view all current and previous versions and updates on our Current Version page access in the footer.

  • I have an agent. How do I make sure her information is on my contact page instead of mine?

    In the "Representation" tab of your control panel, there is an option to add an agent. To do this, simply enter his/her email address and we will send him/her a message, prompting to create a free agent account so they can confirm that they indeed represent you. Once this is completed you will see your agent's information in the "Representation" tab and you'll notice that your agent's contact information will be displayed on your contact page. Please note however, that if someone sends you a message via your contact form, that it will still be sent to YOUR control panel. There you can decide whether to answer the inquiry yourself, or forward the email address and message to your agent.

  • What is the "fast skinner"?

    The "fast skinner" is a quick and easy way to change the appearance of your website. You'll notice on the "Website" tab of your control panel that you have a myriad of options from colors to tiles to gradients and overlays from which to choose. But if you don't feel like testing many different options to find the one you want, we have pre-selected a number of themes we feel look nice together. That's where the "fast skinner" comes into the picture. Just choose one of the subsets of options and you'll have a fresh new site instantly. And if later you want to take a bit more time and go through the rest of the options, they'll always be there.

  • How do I get in contact with other actors on IADB?

    You can easily contact other full website members by first sending them a "Connection Request" via the "Messages" tab of the control panel. Just start typing the person's name and the names and locations of people in the system will start to appear. Once you've found who you're looking for, press "Connect" and we'll send them a notification. After they're accepted your request, they will be available to contact in the "Private Messages" section of your control panel.

  • I've received Connection Requests from someone I don't want to connect with. Is there a way to block them?

    Yes. When you receive a connection request, there is an option next to "accept" which allows you to block this user from contacting you again. You can also decide to block someone you've already accepted and you will not receive any new connection requests from them.

  • I am an IADB member. Why can't I see my profile on the IADB website?

    The only reason why your profile would not show up is if you choose to hide the profile within the global settings on your Settings page. By default, this option is enabled. If you do not see your profile, it means you must have turned this off. In order to show your profile, turn the option back on by clicking the toggle switch button until it turns green with a check-mark. Enabling this option will also allow other IADB users to find you online and communicate with you.

  • My colleague cannot find me on IADB in the connection tab, why is that?

    First, we recommend that you make sure your profile is not hidden. Please go to your Settings page and view your global settings. One of your toggles will have a profile icon and say "Show Profile" - make sure that this option is enabled by clicking the toggle button until it turns green. Enabling this option will show your profile online as well as allow other users to find you within the connections tab. If your profile is enabled and your colleague is still unable to find you, please contact us so that we can figure this out for you.

  • I unfortunately need to cancel. How do I do that?

    So sorry to here that! First of all, if there's anything that we can do to improve your IADB experience, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you stay! But if you really do need to cancel you can do so in the "Settings" tab of your control panel. If you are a full website member, you will have 2 options, to downgrade to a free profile membership, or to cancel all together. Keep in mind though that these actions are irreversible and if you decide to rejoin in the future you will have to repopulate all of your information from scratch.

  • How will I know when a new template is released?

    Whenever a large change is made such as a new feature or a new template, we'll inform you via our email newsletter as well as through a message in your administrator. And as always, you can keep track of all of our changes, big or small, through our "Version" page in the footer.

  • What is an event subscription?

    All of our full website members will have the option to add an "Event Subscription" sign-up form to the bottom of their own website. This way, all of your followers can get email notifications about your upcoming events! This option can be chosen in the "Settings" tab of your administrator.

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