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What's New... and What's Coming

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So (SO) many things are going on and I haven't been able to update everyone on what's happening, but I want to assure you, it's all good things. :) First, if you've been paying attention to the...

Bee Social with Social Bee

03.30.2018 featuresannouncements
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It all started with a #fbf. For those of you not following trends on twitter that means “Follow-Back Friday” and it is used to get your followers to follow another person you like. We’ve been...

Best Deal for Actors! Save with IADB

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We're starting the new Share-it Plan for Actor Websites ! We're beyond excited to give this opportunity to our community. This will allow everyone on a monthly plan to LOWER your payment from...

Need an Article on Our Blog?

03.16.2018 announcementsspotlight
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There is no easier way to get an article written about you than having somebody interview you for their blog. Just like businesses try to do a shameless plug in somebody's blog while offering advice...

IADB is looking for a Virtual Assistant

02.16.2018 actorsannouncementsideas
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Why not get paid a few extra bucks for something that you already should be doing as an actor? There are so many different topics and trends on all sorts of actor blogs and forums and IADB staff...

Actors Pro Expo

10.27.2017 actorsannouncementsopportunities
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This week, we'd like to cordially invite you to an Actors Pro Expo in Los Angeles. It will take place exactly one week from tomorrow on Saturday, November 4th in Loews Hollywood hotel from 10AM to...

Introducing Creative Meetups

07.14.2017 featuresannouncementsadviceactorsproducers
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The meetups are here! Some of you have asked for it, so here it goes. We've added a meetups page. For now, they are hand-picked groups and their upcoming events, but it will grow, so for...

Big Plans for Actor Websites

06.02.2017 announcements
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As you might have noticed, our social media presence has decreased as we took our own hiatus, but that doesn't mean that we've stopped thinking about the future and planning upgrades for IADB Actor...

Introducing Actor's Video Channel

05.05.2017 featuresannouncements
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I don't know how many blog posts I wrote on my idea about downloading acting related YouTube videos to listen to while jogging or to watch on the plane. Every time I do it seems that people think it's...

Actor Resource Section is Blowing Up!

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For the past 3 years, each time I came across an interesting website, I bookmarked it by saving it in a chrome folder titled "Interesting". The most interesting part about it was that whenever I...

The Actor's Book Club

01.14.2017 announcementsfeaturesactors
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This is my blog post #108. Yup, I've been writing this blog for quite some time and I try to focus on actors, but you well know that I can't impart the sort of knowledge you'd get directly from the...

Happy Holidays from IADB

12.23.2016 announcements
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Holidays are upon us, and we're just one week away from the deadline for the free actor website raffle , so don't forget to check it out. On behalf of our entire team, I'd like to wish all IADB'ers...

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