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Actor Website sin #25

Thou shalt use words

When I came to this website, I was so glad that "Video #1" was listed first. It's a huge pet peeve of mine when "Video #71" is listed first. What happened to the first 70 videos? Were they abducted and the ransom is pending? Did YouTube say "No, you can't use the first 70 videos, you have to start with 71".

But seriously, when I came to this page, I faced a huge dilemma. I wasn't sure if I was interested in watching Video #1, Video Link Here, Video Link Here, Video Link Here, Video Link Here, Video Link Here, Video Link Here or maybe perhaps Video Link Here. So many options! If I knew that Video Link Here is covering the topics I'm not at all interested in, I would watch Video Link Here instead.

I'm so glad that "Other Videos" page had such a great variety. It really kept me busy (contemplating) for minutes.

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What's New... and What's Coming

What's New... and What's Coming

04.13.2018 IADB Website Updates
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Bee Social with Social Bee

03.30.2018 New IADB Promote Feature
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