One Page Top Bar

This is a perfect website for actors who do not have much information listed on their website and do not require multiple pages to demonstrate everything.

Of course, this template could still very well be used by actors who have many projects, photos, videos and everything else, but we ask you to do consider the load time of the page.

If you are hosting dozens of photos and videos and your website loads slow with this template, we suggest you to try one of the other templates. This website template looks great and is a one-page website, which means that everything is located right on this page and you can use the main menu to scroll between the sections.

No matter where you scroll on this website, the menu will follow you up and down and the sections will animate in place as you do so. Bio section height is dependent on the amount of actor's primary information that is available on the left side, below the main image. Light scroll-bar is used to read bios that do not fit within this section.

With the exception of the header and footer all boxes are spaced out evenly across the page. Map uses already familiar placement along with the QR code in the bottom right. Final thoughts: if you are starting off or if you would like all of your information listed on one page - this is the template for you. If you feel that section animations are too heavy, they can be easily turned off. This template does not require large images or large videos.

Very simple, but also very clean. Navigate with icons in the main menu.

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Free actor website design

Optional Google map on contact page

Fully editable actor skills and bio

Fully editable menu

Menu categories

Responsive / all-devices design

Single page actor website design

Actor headshots / reel gallery

Audio / voiceover media player

Actor training and resume showcase

Actor credit listings