How many of you out there are gym goers, treadmill runners, or even yet, marathon runners like myself? I'm definitely not bragging. :)

Over the years I found it unhelpful when the music I'm listening to on the run gets really mundane and often times gets me off of my desired rhythm. It sucks. Radio talk shows and audio books are a decent solutions for that, but you don't really get anything out of it, do you? This is what I do...

First, I look at all of my webinars and classes I bought with Stage 32. Whatever peaks my interest I will convert it to an mp3 file and put it on my iPhone. This way, when I go running I can take some sound advice with me. No pun intended. Many times I'll pause it, think about what's been said and how I can apply it in my life, and then keep on playing. The run goes by faster and I come out of it a bit wiser. Not a bad way to jump start your mornings.

If you haven't gotten any webinars from Stage 32, you can check them out below. They normally range around $39-$59 a pop but they're all hosted by guest executives and industry pros that you just can't miss out on. As a free supplement (not a substitute), I highly recommend Actors Anonymous and their podcast. They have hours upon hours of interviews with Hollywood actors discussing their craft. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

Update: February 22, 2016

Here's another podcast for all the filmmakers out here: Indie Film Hustle - it's run by Alex Ferrari who's been in the film industry for over 20 years and have worked on over 1000 feature films, shorts, commercials, music videos, network promos, documentaries and webisodes. If that's not impressive enough, he his personal films have been screened in 500+ film festivals around the world. His podcasts cover filmmaking and acting, so it's absolutely worth checking out regardless what your profession in the film industry is.

Here are some recent Stage 32 webinars

How to Market Yourself to a Talent Manager How to Market Yourself to a Talent Manager

In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinar you will learn from 14-year talent manager, Joe Lorenzo the best strategies to obtain representation as an actor, whether you are in New York, LA or outside of a major market.

Check out the video here
Masters of Craft: Robert McKee - Writing Believable, Engaging & Impactful Dialogue Exclusively for Stage 32 Masters of Craft: Robert McKee - Writing Believable, Engaging & Impactful Dialogue Exclusively for Stage 32

We are excited to bring in legendary author and story authority, Robert McKee. A script consultant, screenwriter, playwright and author, McKee’s seminars on the art and craft of storytelling have been a must for Oscar and Emmy award winning writers for the last 30 years.

Check out the video here
Reading To Earn: An Audiobook Narration Primer Reading To Earn: An Audiobook Narration Primer

In 2015 audio outsold print media for the first time in Publishing history. Many actors have taken note of this fast-growing sector of the voice industry and found ways to incorporate it into their artistic landscape.

Check out the video here

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