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Below you will find current and historical versions of IADB system along with the description of what was added, modified and updated.

IADB Website is a Find Your Net company based out of Redondo Beach, California.

IADB was started by Tomasz Mieczkowski in 2014. After moving from New York City, he has encountered a lot of actors who represent themselves online with terrible websites. As an experienced web developer he took it upon himself to create a product that looks great and is widely available to anyone.

Starting off, IADB was offering a free website to the first 50 registrants followed by an offer of discounted rate to those who register within the first year. As the popularity grew there was a need for more helping hands, and increase in costs, but once the need was met, we slashed the prices again.

Here at IADB we vow to offer the best possible deal. You get a great design (take your pick) at the price that barely covers our own expenses. All that because we care and we will continue doing so.

In 2015 another need was met when we have noticed that users do not have the time to populate their website - we completely understand that. That's why we developed the populator. A tool that allows you to fully build and populate your entire website within seconds.

What's next for IADB? Only time will tell. At this point we will focus more on building out new templates and ensuring everything is running smoothly. If you have any suggestions of your own - we're all ears.


IADB is a very young company that uses all of the up-to-date technologies. We launched our website in early 2014 offering websites to actors for a low monthly price. We understand that there are many websites out there that offer services similar to what we offer, but there is no other websites on the web that offers everything that we do, at the same quality and a low price! We have sliced our prices to match any competitor and we constantly build innovations and answer any support questions about actor websites that you may have.


We are building each one of the templates with extreme precision. All of the code is written by hand by programmers with over 10 years of experience, and we keep on building more templates to meet any possible actor website need.


We will never stop expanding and we will always keep implementing new features, new templates and new actor tools for you to utilize as you wish. Our mission is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your web presence, and we will do so. We guarantee it!

System Version: 4.9

  • Small template adjustments

    Adjusted few actor website templates with fixes to layout and overall design improvements. Mostly ensuring pages load properly on different screen sizes.

  • Fixed film projects

    Some film projects were not adding properly, we've gone ahead and made the necessary corrections.

  • Website icons designs

    Adjusted the properties for actor profile links to display properly centered on all browser versions.

  • Removed spammy testimonials

    We just realized somebody took advantage of our testimonials form. We've cleaned up the fake entries and added preventive measures for the future.

System Version: 4.8

  • Books Pages

    Introducing the books resource pages. Find the next book on acting. Also, don't forget to check out our recommendations every other Friday.

  • Onboarding Adjusted

    For anyone who had issues importing elements of your website during the onboarding process, multiple elements have been corrected for building your actor website.

  • Fixed blog issues

    Some of our acting blog posts were not loading properly. We've gone ahead and adjusted the system and made sure all articles are easily accessible.

  • New Resources

    We've added new links to the acting resources pages. Make sure you check them out. And as always, if you have any recommendations, let us know.

System Version: 4.7

  • Chrome Extension Added

    Enjoy this awesome chrome extension ahead of everyone else. We will be adding a firefox plugin too, but their validation process is a little more time consuming. Once we have it approved, we will have a blog post announcing it. Meanwhile, if you're a chrome person like myself, you might enjoy this.

System Version: 4.6

  • New Resource Page Added

    We've gone ahead and rebuilt our Resource page. Expect to see many new categories soon as we will be expanding the library of tools for your browsing pleasures. New categories will include a terms dictionary, headshot photographers and lists of agents, agencies and casting directors among many others.

System Version: 4.5

  • Contacts Get an Update

    Another epiphany hit me after releasing the contacts page in the control panel. What if you wanted to share your agent's information with someone else, shouldn't there be an easier way than you looking it up, writing it on a piece of paper for someone to take home? How about sharing it with a few clicks in the control panel? Got your attention? Stay tuned for this Friday's blog.

  • Why is IADB #1 Page Added

    Someone asked me recently. Why IADB? I suppose I must have answered this question a hundred times and I bet that each time I gave a different answer. There's so many reasons why you should chose IADB over any other service out there, just look at the Actor Website Sins page to see what you're NOT missing out on. Anyway, we thought that listing our superlatives might be beneficial in helping people understand why IADB is superior to other website builders out there. We'll keep this page updated.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to the IADB Family

    Another Thanksgiving is upon us. We're quite thankful for the hundreds of new actors who have trusted us this year and created their website with IADB. We appreciate you. We work non-stop to ensure that we can build new features for IADB, improve website templates and their visibility. We will continue doing so for years to come. To the entire IADB family - we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well, and stay safe. And here's a fun quote from George Carlin: "We're having something a little different this year for Thanksgiving. Instead of a turkey, we're having a swan. You get more stuffing."

System Version: 4.4

  • New Full Image template almost ready

    You might have seen the preview for Dracula's website on Halloween. This template is being created for actors who want to showcase good quality large horizontal photos on their website. It's big, it's pretty and as all the templates we build, it has what you need as an actor - your reels, your headshots, your contact and agent's information and so on. This IS a premium template.

  • Redactor Editor Upgraded

    Okay, it's just a coincidence that the editor you use on IADB is called Redactor. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich or Mary-Louise Parker. 5 points if you got the reference. We've upgraded to the brand new version so that we can upgrade to future version of javascript libraries and improve your experience in the control panel.

  • Introduction to Contacts in the Control Panel

    Woot woot! Another feature hits the control panel of IADB. We are now bringing you the Industry Contacts by IADB. All members of IADB have access to this, ergo it's a free for all feature. You can now list all of your industry contacts on IADB and maintain a quick and easy access to the information that is related to your acting career. Add their contact info, website and social media to gain an access to quick email generation and phone dialing features from the contacts list page.

  • Ton of Template Updates

    We've been busy making updates to the templates. Mainly speeding things up and improving the SEO. We've adjusted some titles and noticed that our actor website received a 2% boost in Google ranking. It may not seem as much, but it's hard to improve perfection. We'll keep on working on optimizing your actor websites even further. If we find anything else that has a room for improvement, you can bet that we'll take care of it.

System Version: 4.3

  • Headshot List gets tags

    We've added tags to the headshot list feature used by U.S. based headshot photographers. The tags we added were: "Male headshots", "Female headshots", "Indoor headshots" and "Outdoor headshots". If you can think of other tags that could help you in a search for photographer, feel free to reach out to us and let us know. After all, we're doing this for you - the actors and the photographers.

  • Improvement to Insta Nudge

    Insta Nudge gets an uplift and we've decided to give this a tool a little whirl by giving free members one year access to the monthly updates. What Inst Nudge does is notify you of any changes we've found to your social accounts that can influence updates to your actor website. You will get an email with links that will allow you to update the website automatically or let you pick what should be added.

  • Fixes to YouTube channel population

    Looks like YouTube did some updates, but no worries, we caught it in time and we've followed up and made necessary modifications to ensure everything's working smooth. You can continue importing all of your YouTube videos by channel, username, video URL or any other URL that is associated with YouTube. We'll parse it accordingly and find your account.

  • Instagram approved for Headshot List

    Woo hoo! Just what the doctor ordered. Headshot List will be using Instagram app to onboard headshot photographers and it will be as easy (and even easier) as building an actor website on IADB. Lucky photographers, right? Simply click to register with instagram on the Headshot List registration page and follow the few simple step to create your free account.

System Version: 4.2

  • Headshot List Onboarding Begins

    We are introducing a new system for headshot photographers and those looking for headshot photographers. It's called The Headshot List. If you're a photographer, feel free to register for an account right now. If you're looking for a new headshot photographer, stay tuned for the grand opening of the website on December 3rd or visit our Headshot Photographers on IADB.

  • Headshot Photographers in Admin

    Actor's control panel have a new feature now. You can easily find a photographer that's near you right in your photo panel section. As a disclaimer, we are not affiliated with any of the photographers, nor do we charge actor or photographers for the headshot research tool which is the Headshot List. It's simply a tool intended to help both actors and photographers.

  • Keep logged into your Admin

    You've asked for it, well, here you have it. You can now stay logged into your control panel for as long as you don't log out. This is normally intended for your home computer use, we would not recommend checking that box while on a computer in a library. To log out, simply click on the "exit" icon in the upper right and confirm logging out. Next time you log in, you'll have this choice again.

  • Search added to IADB

    IADB has subscribed to a google tool that allows you to search our website quickly and efficiently. Are you looking for one of the actor member? Or maybe you remember reading something about something in our blog? Or was it a hints section? Don't remember? Simply scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and utilize the search bar to find what you're looking for.

System Version: 4.1

  • Actor Website Sins Added

    We can't take a full credit for the idea behind the name. Actor website sins is an homage to Cinema Sins. If you don't know what that is, you should go to YouTube instantly and check them out. They're hilarious. Or better yet, read our sins. We tried to keep them funny, but they're definitely full of useful information and mistakes you may want to learn from.

  • Actor Website Tips Added

    We are adding actor website tips page which is accessible through the links in the footer. This page will list all sorts of tips and hints for actors to take a look at when building a website or considering to hire to build a website. All tips were written by Tomasz Mieczkowski who has been developing websites since 2004 with a very narrowed focus on actor websites in perticular since 2013. Hope you'll find it useful.

  • Social Media Toggles Added

    Big thanks to one of IADB's users for pointing out that you may not want to have all social media links displayed at all times as icons on your website. Good point indeed. We've added a toggle to our control panel and you can now control which social media links will show up on your actor website. If you want to hide an icon link, well, the solution is just a click away.

  • New Template in Production

    We have begun work on a new template. Not sure what we'll call this one, but thought you may want to take a peek. We've given an early access to one of our members Torsten Colijn as a thank you for pointing out some useful features that we could implement for IADB. The features are coming soon - as always, we always listen to what you all have to say, and we'll gladly reward you for any helpful input.

  • Version Feature Reactivated

    We haven't stopped adding features to IADB, we have however stopped updating this log and providing all the cool stuff we do. Well, this stops today. We'll try to send you a new cool update every Thursday or every other Thursday. In any case you can rest assured that we keep adding new features and updates to the website all the time. We're making the web easier and more manageable each and every day.

  • Menu modifications

    We've restructured the website a bit. if you can't find what you're looking for in the main menu, try finding it within the links in the footer, or search for the keywords in the footer.

  • New actor app recommendations

    Updated the blog post about apps for actors, make sure to check it out to see which new app recommendations were added to the list.

  • Blog tags added

    We have linked up the blog tags so that you can find your blog articles about acting much easier by clicking on the different categories within the blog pages.

  • Even more resources

    We're planning to be at the Actor's Pro Expo in Los Angeles on November 4th, here are some of the exhibitors, we added some of them to our resource pages as well.

System Version: 4

  • Site Populator

    Website populator has been added. This feature enables you to create your website in LITERALLY under a minute. Some instances require a lot of photo imports and may take a little over a minute, but in most you can build and fully populate your website in seconds.

System Version: 3

  • Sidebar Editor

    New editor has been added to the system allowing you to make updates to your website and see the updates take place instantly. Click on the pulsing circles in your website's header to access the sidebar. If you are using a brand new computer, try logging into your administrator first at http://admin.iadb.com - then reload your page to see the pulsing circles.

System Version: 2.3

  • Videos

    Videos can now be updated with new images
  • Quick Links

    Quick links added to all templates
  • Banners

    22 new banners added to template 4

System Version: 2.2

  • Admin Adjustments

    We have relocated global settings to general profile page. You can now quickly access all the important settings to your website right from the first page once you log in.
  • Global Settings

    We added two options to the global settings - show details and show features. Toggling these will show and hide the main details on your profile page. After all, it's up to you what goes there.

System Version: 2.1

  • Image Upload Size

    We've quadrupled the max size for the image upload - you can now use the multi-upload tool to upload images as large as 12MB each.
  • Admin Image Section

    We've added thumbnail previews for images, so that you can have a quick peek before editing images. No more is there a need to open all images one by one to find the one you're looking for.
  • Admin Image Cropping

    Need to crop or re-crop a photo? We added a crop option directly to the image preview within the image browser. Quickly access crop functionality and make your photos appear perfectly.
  • Image Categories

    We have added categories to the photos. What this means is that you can now, if you chose to do so, organize your photos into categories. You can do the same with your videos already.
  • Website Algorithms

    Did you have problems with the short bio generated on your homepage? We have adjusted location and languages algorithms so that the bio will be restructured fluently depending on your option selections.

System Version: 2

  • Control Panel

    Entire restructure of the administrator tools.
  • Template 4

    "Bannered Flat" - is the name of the new template. If you would like to add it, you can reach out to us and we will build a custom banner for your website free of charge.

System Version: 1.9

  • Profile: New Requests

    Added new featured allowing users to request new features and report bugs and issues.

System Version: 1.8

  • Minor Fixes

    Fixed issues with websites without location and education listed
  • Resume Fixes

    Removed bugs related to training without teachers
  • Youtube Fixes

    Corrected the single video manual upload functionality
  • Image Resizing

    Added auto-resizing functionality to all images uploaded manually or via multi uploader.
  • Image Naming

    Corrected / adjusted naming functionality for files upload via multi uploader.

System Version: 1.7

  • Videos from Youtube

    You can now easily populate your videos directly from YouTube - authorize IADB to use your YouTube page and we will get the info for you.
  • Videos from Vimeo

    You can now easily populate your videos directly from Vimeo - authorize IADB to use your Vimeo page and we will get the info for you.
  • Tools: Resume

    Added 1st Resume Template - you can populate your resume by clicking on specific projects, skills, etc.
  • Projects: Backstage

    Added a link to Backstage which will automatically populate your information before sending your job research criteria. Speed up your job research tasks.
  • Home: Interests

    Select your main interests on the home page so that we know what sort of jobs you are interested in.

System Version: 1.6

  • LinkedIn Registration

    Users can now register using LinkedIn, which will speed up the website populating process. Now you get a beautiful website with even less effort.
  • SSL Certification

    We are now SSL certified, which means more secure connection. You can verify it by looking at the green lock icon by the URL in the top of the browser.
  • Content Editor

    Better editor for your bio. Highlight keywords with bold or underlined text. Center elements, add links.
  • Added Hints

    Need a hint or an idea for what needs to be done on the page? We went ahead and added some hints to give you some ideas of what can, should or shouldn\'t be added on a particular page.
  • Tasks Page

    Just because everyone likes sense of accomplishment, we have added some basic tasks for your website. If you get them all done 100%, that means that you have at least reached \"A great start\" level for your website. We will get you more tasks shortly. With some effort we will get you to the point of best possible website practices for an Actor Website.

System Version: 1.5

  • Full Screen Thumber

    Great feature for those of you with small screen. We added a full-screen thumber option. Click on the full-screen icon while thumbing the images, and you will be able to see more clearly the selection you are making for all of your thumbnails.

System Version: 1.4

  • Bug Fix: Youtube

    Fixed the issue with missing images in case when a video is added using the short embed URL.

System Version: 1.3

  • Bug Fix: Mail

    Fixed mail layout issues. All mails will now be separated, and you can reply to them using your email provider only.
  • New Skins

    We do not want to overwhelm users with too many skins to pick from, especially since it is so easy to apply your own skin. We capped the number off at 24 right now. Hope you like our suggestions, but feel free to pick your own backgrounds, gradients and colors.

System Version: 1.2

  • Bug Fix: Slideshow

    Fixed the bug on \"Slideshow Metro\" website template that did not load an image correctly if there was only one image in the slideshow. Currently you can add only one image. Navigational arrows will be removed. Also adjusted the color of the image title to light gray.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter

    Fixed positioning of the twitter plugin on the \"Tabbed Simplicity\" template responsive version. You can now view the Twitter feed on any device.
  • Bug Fix: Portfolio

    Adjusted all templates so that if there is only one type of media available, i.e.: only images or only videos or only audio, the filter menu will be removed.
  • Other Minor Fixes

    Updated search engine optimization and script loading for faster website load time and processing.

System Version: 1.1

  • Fast Skinning

    This feature is now available within the Settings page. It allows you to chose between preselected combinations of background settings and color settings. You can still use \"Website\" section to choose your own, but this allows for faster previously tested designs.
  • Fonts

    This is done as per user request - you have asked for more font options and we have listened. You can now select from various font combination demonstrated on this page. You can access this tool within the Settings page.
  • Tools -> Resume

    Added a drag and drop option for sorting functionality.
  • Skills

    Add skills quicker now. Type in the comma "," to get into the next skill.
  • Login Link

    Log into your admin control panel right from your website. The link will show up only on the computers that have accessed your control panel at some point.
  • Files -> Videos: Categories

    Add categories to videos to organize your portfolio.
  • Templates 1 through 3

    Minor visual adjustments.

System Version: 1

  • Administrator Initial Release

    We have released a control panel for all websites. From here you can update your personal information, education and training, employment and projects, events, links, awards and more. If you encounter any issues or difficulties, click the "Contact" button and let us know about it.
  • New Template: One Page Top Bar

    You can select this template by going to "Settings" -> "Website" and changing the website layout. This one is a one-page responsive template that floats all elements in separate boxes.
  • New Template: Slider Metro

    You can select this template by going to "Settings" -> "Website" and changing the website layout. This one is a responsive template tailored for iPad users, big buttons on every page along with a large image slideshow on the homepage.
  • New Template: Tabbed Simplicity

    You can select this template by going to "Settings" -> "Website" and changing the website layout. This one is a very basic and clean responsive template with homepage defaulting to "Profile" page.

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