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10 Epic Film Monologues

by Backstage

The monologue. It's the time where an actor either rises to the occasion or crashes and...

JoBlo's Movie Screenplays

You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts! is an all-encompassing movie fansite featuring daily news updates, thousands of...

The Daily Script

Movie & TV Scripts

Welcome to the Daily Script, a collection of movie scripts and screenplays to serve as a...

Simply Scripts

Read Scripts Online

A database of hundreds of downloadable scripts, movie scripts, screenplays, and...

Scripts Clips


ScriptClips is an online database that catalogs thousands of sides & scenes from...

Stage Agent Monologues

Find monologues from plays and musicals for your audition or class

StageAgent is the internet's most comprehensive resource dedicated to theatre education...

Actor Point

Movie Scripts & Monologues

ActorPoint started over 10 years ago as a simple resource web site for actors and...

Sides Express

The Go Between Quality Delivery Systems

The Go Between, Inc., a California corporation, owns all of the data (Casting...


Actors Access sides distribution site for actors

You can browse for sides by project type or search for specific sides for an upcoming...

IADB Weekly Friday Blog

What's New... and What's Coming

What's New... and What's Coming

04.13.2018 IADB Website Updates
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Bee Social with Social Bee

Bee Social with Social Bee

03.30.2018 New IADB Promote Feature
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