The Custom Reel

The Custom Reel is an on-line tool that gives actors and their representatives a beautiful way to archive their footage and store individual clips as well as demo reels. The flexibility of The Custom Reel allows you, with the assistance of Edit Plus, to change the presentation of clips to include just the material that you would like to have viewed. Your remaining clips are still in the archive, but are just 'hidden from view.' The page includes representation logos and contact information, thumbnails of the viewable content, a video player, links to the actor's IMDb and webpages (if available) and a download option for the contents of the page. The Custom Reel is a clean, beautiful and cost-effective tool that gives the pro-active actor and their reps a competitive advantage in booking more work. Now you can afford the individualized service that Dave's prestige clients have used in the past to advance their careers at an affordable price.