An actor's guidebook from enCAST

A useful and practical guide for actors on how to find work. Here you'll find the best kept secrets working actors use to get work: how to present yourself in the best possible light; where to look for acting work and find casting notices (aka "casting calls"); which organisations to join, and which to avoid; how to apply to a casting notice...

Although it's mainly for actors starting out, we are sure that even experienced actors will find what we say here useful. Even if you have many years experience, read through this book and you are sure to pick up one or two useful tips which will make finding work easier!

This book is divided into several main sections which cover the most important aspects of getting work as an actor.

Each section is written in straightforward English and contains plenty of solid, good ideas, and advice.

Trust us, if you follow what we say, you won't go far wrong!