A significant book on the casting process for TV and film, told with compassion, wisdom, and brutal honesty by someone who has spent nearly 20 years in the audition, working on Emmy-winning TV shows. Cathy shares the secrets of 'The Room,' the pressure cooker where television and film careers are made, revived, or derailed.

Topics not found in any other book of it's kind include:

The Different Styles of Auditioning For Each Type of TV Show, Film, Commercial, Webseries

What is Sex Appeal, and How To Project It?

Ten Secrets of Charisma: What We Are Drawn To and How To Enhance Your Own

The Transition from Theatre to On-Camera Work.

The Demystification of the Audition Process.

Current Trends in Casting That Have Changed the Way We Cast.

Revealing interviews with Broadway & Hollywood Actors.

A Special Section for Parents of Gifted Young Actors.

How to get jobs in TV and Film and Keep Them.


Blessing to Actors!, June 12, 2012
by Great, the Alexander
"This is a great education coming from a Pro, well established and fresh in the business! Why CDs think and act the way they do. Etiquette in the room, Agencies worth noting, Even hotspots in LA Night Life!! She writes so that you feel like you're actually in front of her, having a conversation. I met Cathy shortly after reading her book for the first time and can testify, there is nothing fake about her! She represents everything she teaches and thus practices what she preaches. In her book she talks about loving actors who are genuinely great people inside. She is this, in the form of a casting director and educator."

"There is SO much valuable information in this book for actors with all levels of experience. I keep it with my audition materials and handy for inspiration. Read this book, re-read, and use it as a reference. It will change your life, or at least your acting career for the better!"