Prepping for a big test? Getting ready for a major presentation? Rehearsing for your big moment on stage? They all have something critical in common: owning your material and frictionless recall. And neither is ever as simple as it may seem.

No one is officially taught how to memorize in school, but the expectation to do so is there throughout our lives and careers. And recalling it with zero struggles when the time is right is a mighty challenge on top of it all.

This missing manual is here to guide you with proven memorization and recall training techniques that work just as well for exam prepping and daily work/life recall needs as they do speech, presentation, and script memorization.

This isn't about hacking your memory or short-term memory tricks. This is about getting your material down cold and attaining frictionless recall when (and where) you need it the most. It's an essential read for any student, actor, or business person, and a very useful tool for anyone looking to improve their memorization and recall skills for everyday work and life.