How to Create Genuine Emotion for TV and Film

Acting Face to Face 2: How to Create Genuine Emotion for TV and Film (AFF2) is the second book in a series about the "Language of the Face" - or how the face communicates nonverbally.

Building upon the work and concepts of many leading researchers, including famed Dr. Paul Ekman, that were introduced in the first book. AFF2 expands on the science of emotions offering practical exercises guiding its readers to true Emotional Alignment.

Acting Face to Face 2 is not just another book on acting theory, it's a complete course in emotion training and developing. It contains exercise, links to videos, audio as well as detailed photos, explanations, descriptions and reference sheets of each of the muscle groups associated with the seven universal emotions. AFF2 goes even deeper, with a guided method to reveal how you personally express emotions, how others perceive you and what could be interfering with your emotional life in your character work.

For the first time, you are presented with how the science of emotion and the art of expression are interwoven to assist the professional actor in achieving the real and genuine emotion necessary to not only move the story along but to captivate the viewer. This is where you will have the long awaited opportunity to learn to speak the Language of the Face, John Sudol's groundbreaking set of tools for on-camera actors and business professionals alike. "And when we do it correctly it allows the viewer to read your mind" is Sudol's emphasis when he teaches and coaches his students and clients. AFF2 contains ALL and more of what you were never told about on-camera acting!