A Free Acting School... Online!

I'm Alex. I hope you're enjoying the Acting School Stop website and getting lots of helpful information for your acting career. If you've been browsing the website for a while, you already know I love to write, so let me type away and tell you a little more about me...

In high school, I wanted to be a playwright and decided I should take acting classes to develop the characters in my plays. I signed up for a 3-month class at the Lee Strasberg Institute in London.

After the first class, I was hooked.

I went on to study acting in Paris and New York, where I performed in theater and independent film. During my time in New York, I became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actor's Equity. I produced a full-length play and a short film. I also got involved in directing, screenwriting and film editing.

After several years in New York, I moved to Los Angeles, so I got the chance to experience the life of an actor on both coasts. I also worked in production here, getting a good sense of how Hollywood works.

When I started a family, I decided to create this website to share everything I had learned about the art and business of acting. My goal is to give new and aspiring actors the information they need to avoid scams and beginner mistakes, along with a strategy to start an acting career and give themselves the best chances of succeeding.

Other contributors to this website include my husband, Mark Swenson, a veteran commercial actor, and many other industry professionals I have interviewed over the years.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website. We love feedback, comments and success stories. There are plenty of opportunities to share throughout the site, so don't hesitate.

Good luck with your acting career!