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Actor Websites by IADB - What does Sansa have to say for herself? Not much. FAIL. NEXT EPISODE: PREVIOUS EPISODE: SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss new eps! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GAME OF THRONES PARODY (Game of Fail) - Ep 5 - Poor Sansa SERIES BY Katie Wilson -- STARRING Sansa Stark | Rose Liston - King Joffrey | Alex Reininga - Cersei Lannister | Katie Wilson - Servant | Maxwell Glick - DIRECTED BY Michael Stratigakis - WRITTEN BY Katie Wilson -- Michael Davis - PRODUCED BY Katie Wilson - Whitney Milam - Michael Stratigakis- ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS Devin Keppel-Brown Michael Wassuta Zack Saint Miguel Zapata Jamie Unson Josh Mosolf Iwan Jones Jussi Lundelin Justin Waterman Steven Zurita Shary Johana Llanos David Chinniah Yoheswara Andrew Morales Maxwell Glick TITLE CREATED BY Andrew Swaner - EDITED BY Katie Wilson -- Michael Stratigakis -- SOUND BY George Edinger DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Ivan Valadez ART DEPARTMENT Katie Moest Audrey Lee 1st AD Andrew Fielding ASSISTANT CAMERA David Saenz COSTUME DESIGNER Erin Wenrick BTS PHOTOGRAPHER Douglas Corner GAFFER Sabrina Valdez MAKEUP Brittany Kane Jennifer Suhy HAIR Angela Knox PA's Joel Shettlesworth Frida Rivera SPECIAL THANKS Miko Simmons Jon Brence Andre Meadows Chris Hansen YouTube Space LA FOLLOW KATIE WILSON YouTube Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Tumb

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Actor Website Tips | Don't forget to put your domain name everywhere you list your contact information

Let's assume that you linked up all your social media to your website and you linked up your website to all your social media as I pointed out in tip #11. You created a central hub for your visitors, so they'll know...


Fun Facts | Websites for Actors

Build your #actor #website during a commercial break.


Actor Casting Hints | Impress Casting Directors

Handshakes are not always welcome, it's safer to avoid physical contact.