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Actor Websites by IADB - Nightmare on Biebs Street Ever wonder what would happen if Justin Bieber haunted and stalked you? This comedic short shares a funny, horror story about two roommates, Sarah (Michelle Siouty) and Haley (Mary Rachel Gardner), who celebrate their weird Justin Bieber obsessed roommate moving out. Little did they know she was running from something; these poor girls enter a nightmare they can't seem to make disappear. Producers: Kalliste Zoe and 3CUT Productions Directors and Cinematographers: Erin Mendoza Sean Siouty Writer: Mary Rachel Gardner Sound Design: Austin Peletta Monica Siouty Chelsea Kwoka Cast: Mary Rachel Gardner - Haley Michelle Siouty - Sarah Music: Justin Bieber - Baby Peder B. Helland - Darkness Cthulu Melody - Atonal Strings Kalliste Zoe Productions and 3CUT Productions are developing and collaborating on many original stories, short films, comedic sketches, web-series, TV shows and feature films. To view some of their other projects and current Web Series, Lost Angeles, please visit the links below: Lost Angeles - The Web Series Facebook Page - YouTube Channel (to view all episodes) Instagram Account - @lostangeleswebseries Season 2 is currently in the works so stay tuned... The Cast and Crew's Websites: Mary Rachel Gardner Michelle Siouty Monica Siouty Chelsea Kwoka

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