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Actor Websites by IADB - Kalliste Zoe Productions and Tilted Panda Productions Presents: Brittney Grabill's music video for her single Goodnight Britt's getting ready for her Christmas party tonight, with the help of her best friends Ally and Jason. Britt's looking forward to meeting her online date Dan who will stop by at some point. During Christmas games and dancing, Britt is conflicted by an unexpected love triangle. Follow Brittney Grabill: Follow Kalliste Zoe Productions: YouTube: Founder's Websites: Follow Tilted Panda Productions: Lyrics: On a sick day like today Who would'a thought you would come my way Bring your energy in that face You're here I can't help but to cuddle up What was that you put in that cup Is that for me, oh, it's tea I shut my eyes momentarily Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight Caught you starrin', lookin' my way I said "hey," you laugh and say "I miss your voice," well it wasn't my choice To loose it my dear I can't sleep, I can't dream You're the distraction so it seems I have good company and I'm thankful 'Cause you're here with me Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight In the morning I'm feeling ok Where'd he go, I thought he'd stay Then I hear his footsteps coming near Then he walked out to ask my dear How was your night Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight Cast: Brittney Grabill, Mary Rachel Gardner, Andrew Rojas and Manny Jacinto Party Friends: Laura Bradbury, Georgia Norman, LaJoi Whitten, Takaaki Hirakawa, Becca Coffey, Robert Herrick, Sabrina Fuster, Jordan Saul-Zimbelman, Jordan Zimbelman, Lily Thaisz, Shirley Gochez, Ella Demaine-Murray, Peter Robinson, Larry Longstreth, Jennifer Wenger, Scott Baker, Ilana E. Strauss Crew: Director/Writer/Producer: Br

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