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learn about control panel

There are five main sections in the control panel. Learn more about them with these help files. We try to cover everything, but if we have missed anything, just send us an email and we will get back to you right away.

learn about settings pages


This section explains how to use the settings section within the IADB control panel.

website help Settings: Website

Settings: Website

Only available to actors with a website plan. This is the main section in which you can control the look of your website. STEP 1 allows you to select your website layout - this will change the entire look of your website, pick one of the options and you may preview your website. All changes are saved automatically. STEP 2 allows you to select your website colors, while STEP 3 gives you an option of either the background gradient using the colors defined in STEP 2 or background tiles. If you choose background gradient, you can also select one of the overlays that go on top of the background. Background tiles are split up into 5 sections: dark tiles, light tiles, transparent tiles, wood tiles and color tiles. Select your preference and pick from multiple available options.

domain help Settings: Domain

Settings: Domain

Only available to actors with a website plan. If you already have a domain name and want to add your domain name to the website you will find the appropriate steps here. Some domain hosts may not be listed, while others may have gone through a redesign and the instructions we provide may be out-of-date. We try our best to always keep up, but if you ever get stuck, feel free to contact us and we will help you out with it. If you do not have a domain name and would like to purchase one from us, click the "Purchase domain with" button and follow the steps on the screen.

rethumb help Settings: Rethumb Images

Settings: Rethumb Images

This is an important section of your website. If you have any images that need to be cropped, you will see a prompt on the red background (in the upper right) indicating the number of images that need to be cropped. Keep in mind that switching your website layout will reset this number, as each website layout uses images of different sizes. Click on each available image on the right and select the area that you want to be shown in the preview. If you want to change the thumb at a later time, you can always come back here and redo it as well.

statistics help Settings: Statistics

Settings: Statistics

Only available to actors with a website plan. Use this page to view the graph of unique visitors over the past 2 weeks, to see which pages were viewed and how many times. You can also see which websites have referred visitors to you and how many times and finally you can see where your visitors are coming from geographically by seeing the number of total views and city and state of your visitor, or city and country for international visitors.

resizer help Settings: Resizer Program

Settings: Resizer Program

Have you encountered an issue with uploading images to your website? It is very likely that your images are too large. No worries, we've got an easy tool for you. If you are familiar with image editing, simply decrease the size of the image. Recommended maximum width is 940. If you know absolutely nothing about editing photos - no problem. Download the resizing program on this page and take a look at the video which will walk you step by step on how to resize the images without knowledge of any tools.

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