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learn about control panel

There are five main sections in the control panel. Learn more about them with these help files. We try to cover everything, but if we have missed anything, just send us an email and we will get back to you right away.

learn about profile pages


This section explains how to use the profile section within the IADB control panel.

general help Profile: General

Profile: General

This section is used to edit your basic information. Populate your name, title, date of birth and physical attributes. Change your password, contact information and write out few words about yourself in the bio section. If you do not want certain information to be listed, simply leave it blank, or in case of numeric values set it to 0, and the information will not be shown anywhere. Location can also be added on this page. Simply enter the ZIP code of the location where you are available for work - one ZIP code per city is recommended. Then you can toggle your choice of primary location. This is the location that will be shown on the map on your website.

languages help Profile: Languages & Ethnicity

Profile: Languages & Ethnicity

This section is used to update the list of the languages you speak and to claim your ethnic background. You can select how well you speak a given language on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest). If you want to list your accent, do it in the "Skills" section instead. As far as ethnicity goes, some people may look like they may belong to other ethnic groups. If you want to advertise that, you may select multiple ethnicity and select "Native" for your own.

education help Profile: Education

Profile: Education

This section is used to populate the list of schools you graduated from or are currently a part of. This includes actual schools such as colleges and professional training / classes you might have partaken in. For schools, add the school's name and ZIP code, your major and years attended. If you obtained a degree from this school, select the option from the list. For training, there is an additional option of teacher names and category. Select the primary category for the class you attended. If the class was focusing on two different categories (i.e. dance and theater), add the class twice with different categories. If you do not remember teacher names, just leave it blank.

employment help Profile: Other Employment

Profile: Other Employment

This section is used to populate employment history that is not included in your projects. Feel free to list all of your employment history or just leave it blank. Visitors to your website will be able to see where you have worked other than the projects that you have partaken in. This could be useful to people who want to demonstrate some of their skill or ability to perform a specific task based on the fact that they have been employed to do said task.

skills help Profile: Skills

Profile: Skills

This section is used to list all of your professional and non-professional skills. Do not forget to rate yourself on those skills on a scale from 1 star to 10 stars (1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest). Whatever you feel are your strongest abilities, mark them as "Featured". Those actors with a website plan will be able to see these skills listed on the home page. Skills marked as "Standard" will be listed below languages section on your "Experience" page, while those marked as "Hidden" will not show on the website, but will be taken under consideration for search purposes.

events help Profile: Events

Profile: Events

Only available to actors with a website plan. Do you have an event coming up and want people to know about it? This section is used to list all of your upcoming and past events alike. If the event is taking place in the future, this event will be advertised on your homepage with optional location, link, date and time. If the event happened before, but you still want it to appear on your website, keep it toggled to "Show Event" and it will be shown on the "More" page of your website.

links help Profile: Links

Profile: Links

Only available to actors with a website plan. This section is used to connect your website to your social media pages, your IMDB page, and any other link that you may be interested in advertising. Social media links will show up in different locations, depending on your website layout (usually in the footer), while all of your custom links will be added to the "More" page of your website within the "Links" section.

awards help Profile: Awards

Profile: Awards

This section is used to advertise any awards you might have received within your profession. If you do not have any awards, simply skip this page completely. If you do have one or more, you can list them in here by populating the name of the award, organization offering this award and year that this award was obtained. If this is related to a project that you were a part of, also list the name of the project. All of your awards will be shown on the "More" page of your website.

representation help Profile: Representation

Profile: Representation

Only available to actors with a website plan. This section is used to add your representing agent or manager. If your manager is not yet on IADB, fill out your manager's email and he or she will be invited to join IADB free of charge. Once the manager receives your invitation the contact information on your website will be replaced with his or her information. Submission of the contact form on the "Contact" page will still go to you, but all of the phone numbers and email addresses that will be listed will belong to your manager instead.

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