FAQS - What is a Thumb and Cropping and Why Do I Need It?

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What is a thumb and cropping and why do I need it?


Thumbs, also known as thumbnails, are smaller versions of your bigger images and they are very important. Cropping is a process of creating a thumbnail - you are simply creating smaller version of the image in a specific dimensions. Imagine that you upload twenty or thirty of your headshot photos in a large format. If you do not create thumbnails for them, the preview page itself will have to load those big files for visitors to see - this may take a long time. If you thumb your images, visitors to your portfolio will see a thumbnail of that image, and only when they click on it, will they see the full version of it. This is a very common practice on the internet, and the tools we provide you with allow you to decide how the thumbnail is supposed to look like, instead of a program just grabbing a random piece of your picture to be shown in your portfolio.

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