FAQS - Wait, My Project Just Auto-populated when I Started to Enter It...Are You Guys Psychic?

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Actor Websites | Wait, my project just auto-populated...

Wait, my project just auto-populated when I started to enter it...Are you guys psychic?


While we'd love to say yes, we indeed are not psychics. The more plausible reason would be that another person who also worked on that project already populated the name and director, so when our system recognized the similarities of your entry, it listed that project/director combination as an option. If you indeed were in the production of "Taming of the Shrew" directed by Martin Scorsese, then just click on that option and basic information will auto-populate: the name, director and category of the project. You'll just have to fill in your particular title or role, the years worked (since in the case of theatre and tv, different people may have joined and left the production at different times), and an optional description field. If however, you were in Steven Spielberg's production of "Taming of the Shrew", not Scorsese's, then please create a new project with your director's name and add a category. That way, the next time someone from your cast starts to enter the project into their account, both Spielberg's and Scorsese's productions will be options for them to choose.

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