FAQS - How Do I Transfer My GoDaddy Domain?

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Actor Websites | How do I transfer my GoDaddy domain?:

How do I transfer my GoDaddy domain?


Hi there. If you're looking at this, it probably means that you:

  1. Have a premium account with IADB, and
  2. Have previously purchased a domain name on GoDaddy

If this is the case there are two practical options available:

Option #1:

We can take over the payments for your domain for you. This means that you transfer your domain to us, and we will take over the annual billing. It will still be your domain name, and if you ever decide to transfer away from IADB, we will release that domain so that you can have it back.

The benefits of having the domain hosted with us is that there's no extra fee, you save anywhere between $15 and $40 a year and you never have to worry about remembering to make that annual payment.

The downside of this is that if you already have email set up with that domain, you will have to recreate it, and if it is a web based email, you will no longer have access to your older messages.

Here's a video explaining how to unlock your domain name and get the transfer authorization.

Option #2:

You are already authorized to a free domain name with IADB, so how about creating something new? You could point your previous domain name to the new one, and by doing so, people would be able to visit your website by going to either domain name. If you need help brainstorming some ideas for your domain name, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be glad to offer some ideas.

Here's a video explaining how to point your existing domain name to your actor website.

There is one more option, and although we don't recommend it, it's still an option. In this case you don't get a new domain name and you don't transfer your domain name, but you update your NS records instead. This will point your domain name to us and we will manually connect it to your website.

The downside is that it might take a few days before you can connect it, but also there's a possibility that when we upgrade our servers in the future, this process would have to be repeated. Our last upgrade was done on April 2016, so we don't anticipate another upgrade until 2018.

Still, if this works best for you, here's a video explaining how to update your name servers on GoDaddy.

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