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Product Displacements

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How many times do you see in a film somebody walk up to a computer screen and open up a website that sort of looks like Google, or sort of looks like Facebook, but it's not. How about a small town...

Be The Face of IADB

04.01.2016Promotion, Freebies, Ideas
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Promotion, Freebies, Ideas

Yes, we know it's April 1st, but this is NOT a prank! IADB is looking for someone who's ready to take their career to the next level. We will pick from 1 - 3 applicants to be "the face" of IADB. We...

Movie Posters

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Just because I've dealt with web design all my adult life, all of these things seem common sense to me, but I've recently realized that this is not the case for everybody else. I was chatting with a...

Resources for moving to L.A.

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For years I've been preaching that if you want to follow your passion, you should literally follow it wherever it might take you. If you're an actor and you are not currently residing in some of the...

Get yourself noticed on Stage 32

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First of all, if you're in the film, TV or theater industry and you're not on Stage 32, then stop reading this blog and go create your free account . It takes about 2 minutes and it's a must for you...

Learning a monologue

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While this advice is the best one I could give in my opinion, if you've already learned a monologue that you love and is working for you, just stick to it, but here are some things that I would avoid...

Introduce yourself - every month

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I always have and always will be a strong supporter of Stage 32. It's the best online meeting place for people in the Film and TV industry and to this day Stage 32 has amassed over 500,000 members who...

The starving artist

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Being an actor in LA is not always as glorious as people imagine it to be. If you go anywhere outside of LA you can triumphantly share that with anyone and you can see the spark of envy in their...

Do it!

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I'm an active participant in Stage 32 lounge conversations and I probably watched every single webinar about acting they've put out. In addition to that, I read blogs in every noteworthy online...

Ubering around

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Every now and then I end up Ubering back from my office in Manhattan Beach Studios down to Redondo Beach where I reside. Each time I get into the ride, I start up a conversation with the driver, just...

Deals for Actors

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It is our pleasure to announce our collaboration with deals for actors - a website dedicated purely to finding and aggregating deals that are important to you as a working actor. Be it headshots,...

Calling L.A. Actors

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We love to review any actor websites that we come across. When we noticed the most recent sponsor of NFMLA, we had to check it out right away. HCandF stands for Hollywood Casting and Film, and...

Review of Websites for Actors

07.17.2015ideas,websites for actors
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ideas,websites for actors

This page is dedicated to collect information about website resources and rate it on multiple criteria. Rating criteria is as follows: Website Aesthetics - Welcome to the online world of...

Actor Tools and Resources

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This is a collection of websites recommended by IADB. These are all hand-picked by us. If you would like to recommend a resource, feel free to email us. We will review it and if we find it to be up...

6 Must-have Websites for Actors

07.03.2015advice,ideas,tips,websites for actors
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advice,ideas,tips,websites for actors

If you're an actor and you are serious about your online presence you must register for these free websites. No excuses! There is a chance that you have already registered for most (if not all) of...

Industry Deal

06.19.2015ideas, deals
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ideas, deals

If you're an actor, comedian, or even simply interested in the arts, you should definitely check out the Industry Deal website and subscribe to their newsletter for great deals. Do you need new...

International Dialects

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I recently came across this website and thought it would be a great idea to share this with all of you out there. This site is pretty awesome because you can search it in so many ways. You can search...

Connecting with Actors

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IADB's main goal is to make sure that we give actors exactly what they want. What would be even better is to give the actors something that they didn't know they wanted, but now can't live without...

Actor Websites SEO

05.15.2015ideas,websites for actors
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ideas,websites for actors

I am a lead web developer over at IADB and I build actor websites. Most of the times when I tell people that I build websites for actors, they respond with understanding and confirm that this is in...

Rolling Headshots

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We here at IADB are always advocates of fresh new ideas to help actors further their careers. One of these great, fresh ideas comes from the wonderful people at The Headshot Truck. They are to fun...

Stage Names

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There are many dialogues on whether an actor or an actress should consider obtaining a stage name. We're not talking about legally changing your name here, but only using a different name for credits...

Are You On Stage?

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Are you on stage? Oh, I didn't mean for performing purposes, I meant for socializing purposes. Yahoo Entertainment described Stage 32 as a combination of LinkedIn and Facebook for film, television...

Already Have an Actor Website?

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You may recognize the image for this blog from our flyer which we have been distributing since April 2014 advertising that IADB makes actor websites like no one else. We stand behind this statement...

Accent Workshops

03.20.2015ideas, workshops
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ideas, workshops

Sometimes choosing the right actor means choosing the right skills an actor might posses, which often times includes the dialects he or she possesses. And so I wondered - can you do it by yourself? ...

Kickstart Your Film

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Internet Actor's Database soul existence is to help actors represent themselves online. This is the reason when we get really excited when we see or hear that actors themselves take actions to use an...

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