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Our Black Friday Gift to all

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I was recently inspired by a conversation I had with Lisa Gold of Act Outside the Box . If you know Lisa, then you probably have listened to some of her podcasts and if you have taken her seminars,...

6 Steps To Optimize Your Online Presence

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This week I wanted to share my thoughts about online tips with my fellow creatives over at Karmalicity. If you have an IMDb, you can definitely check out what the site has to offer. If you don't, you...

10 Biggest Mistakes on your Actor Website

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I've been collecting the actor website sins for quite some time and I thought I'd stop on by and list out the most common mistakes you might make on your actor website. I hope this helps. If you...

Actor Press Kit

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For years I was really at a loss about the whole actor's electronic press kit (EPK) advice that I constantly saw all over the web. These posts from experts have been around since 2011, maybe earlier,...

Get your Acting Reels Done

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First of all, let's start with this statement - if you don't have an acting reel, get it done . Even if you have to try it the DIY approach, get it done. Not having headshots is as bad, but your...

How to 'Get Discovered' as an Actor

04.15.2016actors, hints
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actors, hints

TRUE STORY: Last week my friend needed to hire a female singer for a concert that paid thousands of dollars. Ten women (all with Broadway credits) missed this great opportunity, not because of their...

To blog or not to blog

04.09.2016hints, poll
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hints, poll

Okay, I have a bone to pick with WIX websites (what else is new?) - but my main frustration is their forcing of blogs onto some pages that shouldn't have one. I'll keep it simple - if you are not...

Film Festival Mania

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We're getting a lot more filmmakers and producers on the IADB platform, but don't assume that this blog post is for them. It's for everyone in the indie film business, including actors. I'm a strong...

Is somebody talking about you?

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Right off the bat, you see that I used the mention.com logo in my blog. Let me just clear this up from the start. I am in no shape or form associated with them nor am I doing an affiliate program...

You run, you learn

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How many of you out there are gym goers, treadmill runners, or even yet, marathon runners like myself? I'm definitely not bragging. :) Over the years I found it unhelpful when the music I'm...

Reach out to Critics

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This is just a brilliant idea for so many reasons, and it comes from a talented director, David Rountree. It is something he mentioned during a HollyShorts panel, but didn't have the chance to cover...

Do your research

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Alright. This has to be said out loud. Most of you know it, some of you do it, but majority of you only have good intentions and never follow through. I understand that it isn't always easy - you...

Always carry business cards

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I'm sorry. Sounds like a ridiculous post, but if I don't say it, I can't say "I told you so". Carrying a business card with you it's like carrying an umbrella in London. Many times it won't be needed,...

Stay in touch.

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Keeping in touch is important. In other industries , if you go on an interview, it is customary to send an email to follow up and thank your possible future employer for the opportunity. Why should...

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