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12.02.2016actors,Actor Websites,Announcement
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actors,Actor Websites,Announcement

Today we have a special edition announcement which affects both members and non-members alike. With the start of 2017 we are giving out 17 free IADB premium memberships via a random drawing. So with...

IADB is a Veteran-Owned Company

11.11.2016IADB,Actor Websites
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IADB,Actor Websites

I won't bug you by emailing this blog post to you, but if you happen to come across it on your own, so be it. Today is a Veteran's Day, and it so happens to be a blog post Friday, and it so happens...

Why do I write sins? (not tragedies)

08.12.2016actors,websites for actors,funny,actor websites
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actors,websites for actors,funny,actor websites

I'm not sure what year this was, 2003 or 2004, but I was in college back then. I was walking down Chambers Street in New York when I saw a sign "$5 haircuts by student barbers". I thought to...

10 Questions for Your Designer

08.05.2016actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites
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actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites

I honestly wanted to start this blog post by listing all of my competition. I even created a neat little table demonstrating what they do well and where they really suck. Fortunately I was stopped in...

Actor Website Tips

07.15.2016actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites
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actors,tips,websites for actors,actor websites

If you don't know who I am, here's a little 411 on me. My name is Tomasz and I've been professionally developing websites since 2004. I've built websites for hundreds of real estate firms in New...

And the winners are...

05.04.2016actors,iadb,press release,actor websites
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actors,iadb,press release,actor websites

The time is here. We've had 127 applicants for the Face of IADB contest within the month of April. We've reviewed all applications and 116 of unique applicants had at least one credit. We randomly...

I is for Instant.

08.28.2015actor websites,iadb,features
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actor websites,iadb,features

We get this question a lot. What does IADB stand for? Well, since you're on the website, you probably already know it by now, but here's a bit of our history for ya. IADB stands for Instant Actor...

What makes us special - Population

08.21.2015actor websites,iadb,features
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actor websites,iadb,features

I'm not trying to be vulgar, this comes straight from my heart, so I will write it as it is. If you read the blog from last week and decided that your web presence is not all that it should be, then...

What makes us special - Coding

08.14.2015actor websites,iadb,feature
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actor websites,iadb,feature

I've been building websites professionally since 2003. I've built somewhere between 250 to 300 different websites in total. I've built many websites for Joe Shmoes and Jane Smiths, many websites for...

Why Do We Do This?

07.24.2015actor websites,iadb
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actor websites,iadb

I was asked recently - why do we do this? Why actor and filmmaker websites and why now? I've been developing websites for over 10 years now. Each time I see a horrible looking website I immediately...

Domain Name

01.02.2015benefits,actor websites
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benefits,actor websites

Having a domain name adds a personal touch. We'd be happy to have Bradley Cooper under and Cate Blanchett under because they would be advertising IADB with their...

Your Own Actor Website

12.26.2014benefits,actors,actor websites
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benefits,actors,actor websites

The main reason for signing up with for a professional website is the fact that you will then have a website all about you. Whenever I meet professionals in an acting community I ask them if...

IADB Launch

12.19.2014actor websites,press release
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actor websites,press release

This spring the Internet Actor's Database launches, a cheap and easy way for actors to make the most of their digital world. Sporting multiple templates designed specifically for actors to...

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