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Actor Networking via Forums

03.09.2018 actingadvicenetworkingopportunities
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Networking should not be a chore! It's my belief that a lot of people take online networking for granted. Facebook groups, Stage 32 lounges, Backstage forums... are you using them daily... or at least...

What's your Actor Gift Idea?

12.22.2017 actingactorsideas
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Hello, and Happy Holidays. 'Tis the season of giving, and besides giving to others, you should also consider getting yourself something. You absolutely deserve it, and with that... Use coupon ...

Tips to Improve Your Acting

12.08.2017 adviceacting
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Many aspire to improve their acting skills and always wish to take their names into the limelight. Of course, acting is a lucrative and a glamorous career option. What few know is that it requires a...

7 Acting Tips to Live by Every Day

10.20.2017 actingadvice
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Do you want to become a better actor? Of course you do, everyone has room for growth. As acting requires all the advice you can get to produce the best, I compiled some tips that can be used to your...

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