It is our pleasure to announce our collaboration with deals for actors - a website dedicated purely to finding and aggregating deals that are important to you as a working actor. Be it headshots, retouching services or acting classes near you, this website brings it all together.

And now... IADB is a featured service on the deals page for offering the best guaranteed price for premium services.

We absolutely love what DFA does - it's absolutely free and it focuses on deals specifically for actors, I mean, I feel like I've said that time and time again, but you can't blame me, blame the domain name. There is no membership to the site, but you can sign up for their newsletters and alerts. You can also submit a deal to them and it's completely free. When we submitted IADB to them, they said that since it is so unique, they will keep that deal marked as featured. Yay! Thanks DFA.

We give the site 4 out of 5 stars and the rating of "IADB strongly recommends". When you first come to the site, they will ask you for your ZIP code and then provide you with the best deals around you. Granted, we have tested some ZIP codes from all over US and some pages came up pretty blank, so there's definitely room to grow.

What we're hoping to see is more deals, and not just groupon. I'd love to see local photographers put in their ads there, I'd love to see video rental equipment, studio time, reel editing services and so on. Still we're grateful for what it is right now.

As always, if you're a member of the site and love it, hate it or disagree with anything that's been said here, send us your comments and we'll make proper adjustments.

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