It all started with a #fbf. For those of you not following trends on twitter that means “Follow-Back Friday” and it is used to get your followers to follow another person you like. We’ve been making these Friday shout outs to get our filmmakers and casting directors who follow us to notice the actors we do these shout outs for. We pick random 8 - 10 IADB’ers with a Twitter link on their website and we let the Twitter-world know who they are.

All’s well with that, but now that we have about 800 websites with Twitter connected, we may not get to yours for about 100 Fridays, and yeah, that sucks. We had few people reach out to us asking if we can do a #fbf for them, and we said yes, but… there’s gotta be a better way. :)


"Promote Me" is a new feature we added to all of your control panels which will allow you to enter a short text you would want us to promote along with a link to your website, and that message gest sent out to all of our social profiles within 2 to 3 days. This feature will be available for free for the first 1000 shout-outs, and then will be only available to Premium accounts, so check it out while you can if you’re on a free plan. 

How does it work? Simple! Go to the "Promote Me" section of your control panel and enter a brief message about you, or your project. Include social tags if you'd like, and… click "Promote Me". That’s it. You’ll be able to do it once every 3 days but you can send the same message only once.  Each shout-out is linked to your actor website, so that people know how to find you or get in touch with you.

We hope you enjoy it.

Nerd alert, I'm about to get a bit technical now, so feel free to abandon this article or scroll to comments.

So, let's talk about how this works. First of all big thanks to the team at Microlink which allows us to get relevant information from any link instantly. So cool. We are utilizing this functionality to get the title, description and an image from your link just as social channels would, but that's just for preview. The content that you create we save to our database and process it with Social Bee.

Check out our medium article about posting with Social Bee. If you're looking to schedule automatic posts to your social media channels using categories, this may just be the software for you. We are beyond pleased with their functionality and we're certain that this tool will let us grow our audience over the years to come.

Thanks so much Social Bee and Microlink, and to all of you who want a shout out on social media, go request it now and we will post it for you shortly.