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Say no to a flash based actor website

Actor Website Tip #6

No flash websites. Stay far away from flash.

One last thing to stay away from when deciding on who's hosting your website.

Avoid flash websites at all costs!

There are too many reasons to list why flash websites are the thing of the past, however so many web hosts started their business in the 90s doing flash and they just don't want to give it up. Some of these websites might look cute at first, but they're horrible for search engines, they don't work on some apple's mobile devices, and they're extremely hard to manage.

How can you spot a flash website? If you right click on it and the menu that pops up is different than your standard menu and looks something like this:

actor websites flash website menu

Here's one random example I found of a flash actor website

I've been building websites professionally since 2004 - trust me when I tell you that having your actor website built in flash is never ever a good idea.

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Best Deal for Actors! Save with IADB

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