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Warning! Plugin overload!!!!

Actor Website sin #5

Thou shalt not overwhelm thy visitors

Wow. The only plugin missing here is the big abort button.

I know you want people to find you on your social media, but don't just stick all the plugins on one page and expect everything to look beautiful. This page is louder than an Offspring concert. The Twitter feed is virtually unreadable and the black on blue contrast with bright yellow accents makes it look very...1995. Aren't these the actual colors for Windows 95? I think they are.

IADB Weekly Friday Blog

Happy Holidays from IADB

Happy Holidays from IADB

12.23.2016 Holidays are upon us
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IADB, 2016 and the Future

IADB, 2016 and the Future

12.30.2016 Happy New Year 2017
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